iMed Suction Canister with Tubing

The iMed Suction Canister is a non-powered, single use device that consists of a manually operated plastic disposable evacuation system intended to provide a vacuum for suction drainage of body fluids.

Key Features

  • Comes in 600mL or 1000mL sizes
  • Canister is manufactured from shatterproof, medical grade plastic
  • Drainage bottle has a universal needle-free Luer lock connection
  • Canister has tapered sides for easy handling
  • Large, green vacuum indicator
  • Adjustable, removable hanging strap
  • Includes 32” tubing for suctioning

Item Reference:

iSC600-600mL canister                       25 pieces per case

iSC1000-1000mL canister                   15 pieces per case