IC-1™ Disinfectant Cap

The IC-1™ Disinfectant Cap disinfects needle-free valves in less than one minute and provides bacterial protection for up to 7 days.

Anchor Dry™

Anchor Dry™ Water Resistant Barrier
is designed as a single use product to
keep your surgical site clean and
dry while showering…

We design, develop & manufacture
competitively priced medical devices
of the highest quality.


Customer support is an area of pride here at iMed Technology. Please contact us by phone or email to be greeted by a friendly representative who is here to help.


At iMed Technology value to our customers is most important. Our value proposition is offering products at a fair cost, as a cost conscience alternative.


iMed Technology’s innovative focus spans the spectrum from advanced manufacturing input to product design. Ensuring products are produced to compliment today’s practices, as well as, lead us into the future standard of care is our goal.


Inventories of our products are held in convenient Dallas, Texas USA. Same day ordering and shipping is available.

Coming Soon

iMed Technology will soon be launching additional patented products, including the ambulatory Brio Enteral Feeding Pump and the Norris 90 Safety Huber Needle used to access a subcutaneous port for chemotherapy. If you would like to be placed on an emailing list to be notified when these products become available, please click: “KEEP ME INFORMED” below.

Norris 90 Safety Huber Needle

The Brio Enteral Pump