iMed Enteral Feeding Bags

The iMed enteral feeding bags are designed to be attached to a feeding pump or for gravity feeding. Non-sterile and latex free


  • 1000-mL feeding bag
  • Large, easy open cap with locking tab for filling of enteral formula
  • Integral hanger for suspension of the bag
  • Extra long clear tubing with roller clamp for patient control of feeding rate
  • Drip chamber for easy viewing of the liquid nutrition
  • Convenient all in one kit

The model EPB 1000 pump feeding bag fits the following feeding brands of pumps:

  • ELAN PHARMA® enteral pumps: EP85, EP80, EP70, EP60
  • COMPAT® enteral pumps: 235, 225, 205
  • KANGAROO® enteral pumps: 330, 220, 222
  • OBRIEN KMI® enteral pumps: KM 70, KM 60, KM 50
  • Sentinel
  • Nestle/Zevex 2200
  • Medline® EntraFlo

Item Reference:

Pump Bag-iEPB1000         30 pieces per case

Gravity Bag-iEGB1000     30 pieces per case