Shower Protection


Water Resistant Barrier for:
  • PICC & Midline Catheters
  • Accessed Port-a-Caths
  • IJ Catheters
  • Dialysis Catheters
  • Other Central Venous Catheters
  • Knee & Hip Incisions
  • Stomas
  • Surgical Dressings
  • Surgical Sites & Incisions
  • Ostomies

AnchorDry® Water Resistant Barrier is designed as a single use product to keep your surgical site clean and dry while showering.

AnchorDry® may be used to cover and protect PICC lines, Stomas, Dressings, Surgical Sites, Chemo Ports, Wounds, Dialysis, and most Central Line Catheters.

AnchorDry® improves infection control practice, reduces costly unscheduled dressing changes, and provides patients with increased confidence and comfort while showering.

AnchorDry® is manufactured with no DEHP or Latex material. It has a non-irritating self adhesive border for easy application by a nurse, patient, or care giver. It has been tested and approved by major hospitals for use when showering.

AnchorDry® has a clinical nurse on staff for technical questions, training, and application questions. Web-based instructional videos are also available.

AnchorDry® boxes are packed with 14 tear pouches of 7 pieces each complete with IFU in both English and Spanish. AnchorDry® has 2 adhesive strips on the pouch for adhering to a shower door, mirror, cabinet, etc., for easy product storage and dispensing.

AnchorDry® is packed in a coated white carton that stands vertically to save critical storage space. The carton is printed with a bar code for scanning and inventory control. The carton is labeled with all current FDA required symbols for single use, latex free, and non-sterile.

AnchorDry® has lot numbers printed on every IFU insert and carton. Wraparound IFU insert is printed on heavy card stock to support the vertical application of the pouch.

AnchorDry® is available in 6 sizes to fit your medical requirements. 5"x 5", 7"x 7", 7 x 22 9"x 9", 10"x 12", and 12"x 14".

An iMed Technology product manufactured in an ISO compliant FDA registered facility.
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